We’re Making Changes!

What’s coming in 2019 for Superior customers

Superior Computers has been providing superior service to computer customers since 1988. We’ve seen a lot of changes in 30 years, and now it’s time for us to make some changes of our own.
  1. A new home for Superior Computers

    We are already in the process of relocating our Technical Service Department to a new base closer to downtown London. This facility will focus exclusively on providing IT Solutions to our business customers in London and the surrounding region.

  2. Winding down our retail sales business.

    Users of home computers once depended on Superior’s expertise to advise them on how to buy, upgrade and repair their new technology. Today’s retail customer now has easy access to simple off-the-shelf solutions from more retail and online vendors. Having provided our services for over 30 years, we would like to thank our loyal customers. It has been a privilege to serve you.

  3. Building on our strength

    By concentrating our focus on business IT solutions, Superior Computers looks forward to putting more of our resources into supporting, recruiting and managing the London region’s most capable and responsive service team for our commercial customers.

    You will be hearing again from us soon, with more updates on how our team can make sure you get ‘IT’ with Superior service.


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