SNAP! (Superior Network Analysis Portfolio) A comprehensive binder of emergency contact information and complete network details.

Is your IT environment properly documented in regards to your network, computers, servers, software licenses, user id’s, and internet configurations? Do you have a copy of your network documentation should you need this information for anyone other than your usual support technician, or to rebuild your network? If not, Superior can help ensure that you have that information at your finger tips, should a crisis occur.

We will take inventory of your IT environment and document all of your key information. Updates will be added to the portfolio as they occur, ensuring up to date information is readily available if it is required.

Your information in a SNAP!

Documentation includes but is not limited to:

  • Server names and passwords
  • Domain names
  • Patch panel information
  • Software license keys and versions
  • End user desktop and laptop User ids and passwords
  • Network Map (provided only with installation of new network drops)
  • Printer/fax details
  • Internet gateway configuration
  • Switch/router configuration
  • Hardware details (RAID, memory, disk space)
  • Firewall information
  • Backup/UPS details

Think quick!

  • If your computer support person left tomorrow can you answer these questions?
  • Who is your internet provider?
  • What is the password to your server?
  • How is your backup completed and where is the backup stored?
  • Where are your software license keys?
  • When does your anti-virus software expire?

Information in a SNAP!

Whether it is used internally, or for your accountant or insurer, if the need arises for a full inventory of your technology assets SNAP! puts this information at you fingertips.

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